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Understanding Webster Technique During Pregnancy: A Certified Approach

Have you heard of the Webster Technique? It is becoming more well known in the pregnancy world and most expecting parents have come across it through reading about breech babies. So, what is this Webster Technique and Webster Certification?

Webster Technique being performed on a pregnant person

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic specific technique to help balance the pelvis during pregnancy, which can help the pregnant person feel more comfortable during pregnancy, but can also give baby the necessary room they need to get head down and ready for birth. Because the uterus is attached to the pelvis, via ligaments, muscles and tendons, the position of the pelvis can have a drastic impact on the uterus. If the pelvis is not moving as it was designed to, we call that subluxation, then it can start to pull on the different structures of the uterus and surrounding structures, which can make them taught and can cause more tension in the body, ultimately causing less space for baby to move or get ready for birth.

The Webster Technique has become much more well known in the birth world because of its ability to balance the pelvis and get both parent and baby ready for birth rather quickly. More parents are able to find information about it online or even from their birth providers. Dr. Elise has lots of patients that come in late in pregnancy because they found out baby is breech and they read about the Webster Technique and how it might help. This is such exciting news that the word is getting out that chiropractic adjustments, specifically the Webster Technique, can help with pregnancy and birth.

But before you go to any chiropractor and ask for the Webster Technique adjustment, there is one major thing to know. Not everyone is knowledgeable in the Webster Technique. This is where the Webster Certified comes in. This technique is not a standard technique all chiropractors learn in their general schooling. This is a specific technique that is studied out of school through an organization called the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), which is an organization that educates chiropractors on caring for pregnancy and pediatric populations specifically to better improve births and give babies their best start to life. When getting certified, you must attend a seminar with both lecture and hands on portions, as well as a full exam that includes a written and a practical portion. Over the course of several weeks after completing all necessary requirements, the ICPA grades and reviews your information and either grants you the certification or requests you to go through the process again.

As a certified Webster Technique provider, you are expected to keep up with new information and keep your certification up to date. The ICPA also hosts a database for Chiropractors who are Webster Certified, so everyone can find one in their neighborhood. If you are looking for a Webster Certified provider visit and click on the Find an ICPA Chiropractor to find one in your local area.

Dr. Elise is Webster Certified and also holds a Perinatal Certification through the ICPA. She practices in San Mateo, CA and serves the Bay Area. She is more than happy to answer any questions or help you find a Webster Certified chiropractor in your area.


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