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Introducing A New Prenatal Journal

Weekly Prenatal Guided Journal

There's a new Weekly Prenatal Journal in town! Are you looking for a new way to track your pregnancy? Do you enjoy journaling and being mindful? Looking for bitesize pregnancy related information? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the perfect pregnancy journal for you!

Dr. Elise has collaborated with another prenatal and pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Emma, to create their own pregnancy journal and we want to introduce it to you.

After hearing the same questions being asked about pregnancy from their prenatal patients, Dr. Elise and Dr. Emma saw the need to share this information. They thought about sharing these frequently asked questions with everyone, so more people could have better pregnancies and births. Instead of writing an in depth book, they decided on a journal to combine the act of mindfulness with small bite size educational and informational tips. Something tangible to help set goals, while learning more about your pregnancy and how to connect with your baby.

Journaling and mindfulness are practices that are becoming more popular as we learn the health benefits of them. Keeping stress low during pregnancy is very important and bringing the journaling practice to pregnancy can be extremely helpful in lowering stress, which is why the pregnancy journal was born.

This Weekly Prenatal Guided Journal is the first of its kind. The combination of educational information on each page with guided writing prompts helps the pregnant person understand their pregnancy better and to process their thoughts on a weekly basis. There are extra tips on each week that give examples, recipes, or action steps for you to take. There is a full resource section in the back of the book for quick reference and for more explanation of things discussed in different weeks. This journal doesn't stop in pregnancy only, it continues through week 6 postpartum too! Yes, there are even tips, educational information and writing prompts for the postpartum time because moms need support during this time too!

Let's finish up with 5 reasons why you need this pregnancy journal:

1. To have a healthier pregnancy- When we know more we can do better. This journal helps you get bite size information about your pregnancy and helps you better understand why you may be feeling the way you are and how to help. Yes, chiropractic care is a big part of having a healthy pregnancy and we do mention it in the journal, but it is not the only tip on how to stay healthy. The most common complaints during pregnancy are talked about in the journal and how to help you feel better if you are experiencing those symptoms. So know that even if it is common to experience it during pregnancy, it doesn't mean it is normal and you have to suffer through it.

2. To be mindful and connect with baby- Pregnancy is such a magical time when mom and baby get to bond and connect at the deepest level. Talking to your baby and bonding with them in utero will only help the bond you have when baby is born. Babies can hear and feel everything mom is feeling, so having that time to be mindful about what stresses mom is going through or the environment she is in can impact baby. The journal guides mom through being more mindful of these things and to help lower stress to help baby even before they are born.

3. To be present through pregnancy- Again, pregnancy is magical. The more in tune you are with your pregnancy the better understanding of what baby needs and what your body needs, which will result in a healthy pregnancy and baby. Pregnancy can go by so fast, so take the time to be present and not miss out on this amazing transformation. The journal helps parents be present in each week of pregnancy and postpartum.

4. To learn more about your pregnancy and understand what you are experiencing- Most people have no idea what is normal and what is not normal during pregnancy, or even what they should expect pregnancy to be like. The journal gives specific weekly tips on what you should be experiencing and what is normal, which may be different from what people expect. Having a clear understanding of what you should experience can make pregnancy so much more enjoyable and you can get the help you need if its not.

5. To learn how to prep best for postpartum- Not only is the journal for pregnancy, but it covers preparing for postpartum and walks you through the first 6 weeks. There is a heavy focus on the birth parent because they most often get overlooked by the new baby and we want to make sure that they are taken care of too. Healing postpartum can be slow and frustrating, so the tips in the journal are can be helpful to make sure you prepare and ease into postpartum, so you have the best experience you can.

This new pregnancy journal is a must have for your pregnancy or is a fabulous gift to give someone you know that is expecting. The Weekly Prenatal Guided Journal is conveniently available online for quick orders and delivery. Share with your friends so everyone can have a healthy and happy pregnancy with the new Weekly Pregnancy Guided Journal.


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