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Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Gift Guide

Are you searching for the perfect gift to give that special person who is pregnant? As a mom and a prenatal chiropractor, who works with lots of pregnant people, I understand the need to gift something special that is also useful and in our ever changing world, it is hard to know what will actually be needed or used. So, to help you find a gift that will be appreciated and practical I have put together a list of out-side-the-box gift ideas to gift in any stage of becoming a new parent, whether that is pregnancy, birth or postpartum. Here is my gift guide to pregnancy, birth and postpartum:

Gift Ideas for the pregnancy period

Pregnancy Pillow

Mental Health Journal- These two are my favorite. Check it out here or here.

Pregnancy Journal- Use this customized journal Dr. Elise created that follows you weekly through

pregnancy and the early weeks of postpartum.

Prenatal books- Well Adjusted Babies, Mama Natural, Real Food for Pregnancy,

Why Did No One Tell Me This.

Comfy shoes to slip on

Nice Water Bottle to stay hydrated

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Epsom salts or Bath Kits

Coconut oil/Oil for for Belly

Essential Oil Rollers for nausea, labor, and birth

Gift Certificates to Prenatal Chiropractic, Birth Doula, Acupuncture, Prenatal Massage

Gift Ideas for Birth

Donation towards Midwife, Birth Center, or Home Birth

Padscicles- Make your own by checking out the recipe here or buy pre-made from Honey Pot

Beeswax candles or flameless candles to bring for birth

Essential Oil Roller

Gift Ideas for Postpartum

Gift Certificates for Lactation Consultant, Sleep Consultant, Child care, Dog walker, House

Cleaning, Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Chiropractic, Postpartum Massage, Pelvic Floor PT

Breastfeeding Pillow- My Brestfriend

Bath Kit/Epsom salts

Vaginal Steaming Herbs for healing- Steamy Chick

Snack Box subscription

Meal train or subscription

Essential oils

Non-toxic cleaning supplies

Postpartum Books- The fourth Trimester, The first Forty Days, Mama Natural

These gift ideas can be used for Holiday gifts or baby shower gifts. They are practical and will be much appreciated because they are thoughtful in a way most don’t think about. There are links to some items to support small businesses in the local Bay Area, but if you are not local to this area please consider finding a small business to support when buying these products. None of these links are sponsored or affiliate links.

I hope you find the perfect gift for that special pregnant, birthing, or postpartum person. Consider also adding some of these gift ideas on your registry so you get unique, thoughtful and useful gifts, too.


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