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Welcome to Our Blog

Hi, I’m Elise Hamilton and co-owner of Hamilton Chiropractic. Welcome to our first blog. This blog is a place to learn about chiropractic, first and foremost, but also fitness, pediatrics, pregnancy, and staying healthy over all. I will cover subjects close to my heart, but will have guest appearances from my wonderful, knowledgeable husband and co-owner, Ryan. Let me introduce myself a little more.

I am a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor. I am very passionate about pregnancy and making sure that other moms have the best experience they can. After going through my own pregnancy and birth with my daughter, I have a better understanding and appreciation of the power and potential of the human body. From that experience, I have grown to love that amazing process even more. I want to empower mamas to educate themselves on how to have a healthy pregnancy and advocate for themselves for what they need and want for their births.

Now on to more personal things. My daughter is my world and I love her more every day. She is two, and has such a spunk to her. We love to go on walks together, and of course we love the park. We are (she is) learning to swim and she loves the water! On my down time I enjoy running and hiking with my family. Since moving back to California, we spent two great years in Boston, spending the afternoon at the beach is one of the best times we have together.

Now, a little about Ryan. He is a phenomenal high school baseball coach and spends many hours doing research to bring the highest quality of coaching to his players. He is also very knowledgeable about how the body works and how to move correctly to help prevent injuries. He is a chiropractor who is Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) certified and Graston Technique certified, which are both soft tissue techniques but very different, so check them out on our website for more info. He is wonderful at assessing and correcting different issues that present in his office everyday. Clearly I am a fan, but for good reason, he is truly great at his craft, so you should check him out.

Thank you for spending this time with me to check out my first blog introducing me, my family, and our practice. I hope this was entertaining and you’ll come back to check out our next post to follow our journey as new CA residents and chiropractic owners. We are excited to share our knowledge and passions with each of you, and we hope you learn something new with each post.

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