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Dr. Ryan Hamilton


Dr. Ryan Hamilton is originally from San Mateo where he grew up playing baseball, football, soccer, and basketball.  As he played baseball into his late teens and early 20s, the inevitable injuries began to accumulate and a variety of healthcare practitioners were sought.  It was then that Dr. Hamilton found that chiropractic care combined with soft tissue techniques made the biggest difference in his recovery from his various injuries.

Dr. Hamilton attended the University of California Santa Barbara where he majored in Psychology and Health and Exercise Science. After a year as a personal trainer and becoming an Aragon High School head baseball coach, he attended Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA from which he graduated with honors in June of 2016.  While in school, Dr. Hamilton became certified in Active Release Techniques® and Graston Technique® and began treating many of his players at the chiropractic school's clinic. He then moved to Boston where he worked in a sports chiropractic office for two years until moving back to the Bay Area to open an office in San Mateo CA with his wife and chiropractor, Dr. Elise Hamilton, in 2018.